AI Actions AI alpha

AI Platform: Zapier

Learn more about Zapier and AI Actions.

Zapier Integration

You can use Zapier's AI Actions... within Zaps! How meta.

The key idea is to allow non-deterministic steps within Zaps that are guided instead by natural language AI Actions. The app lets you use AI Actions to interpret, at Zap run time, a plain-english "instructions" message for any action on Zapier. The magic is that instructions can come from or be built from the trigger!

Get started with our experimental AI Actions integration here.

Chrome Extension

Automate your work with the Zapier Chrome extension. Save time by making shortcuts for the tasks you do every day.

You can use AI Actions to quickly create shortcuts to change your Slack status, save URLs to Google Sheets, share articles with colleagues, and much more. Then run those shortcuts right from the Chrome extension!

Install the Chrome Extension here.