Step 1: Get a Partner Key for Authentication

Follow the steps below to create your API key:

  1. Log in or sign up to Zapier.
  2. Connect your Zapier account to the custom integration app.
  3. Your API key will be available on the credentials page.

Test that the API key is working:

curl -v \
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
    -H "x-api-key: <API_KEY>" \```

Step 2: Set Up Allowed Actions

Now that you’re authenticated, let’s set up the actions you’re allowed to execute.

Actions can be configured by you at a specific URL or with our quick configuration popup.

The setup URL is the same for everyone:<PROVIDER>/start/.

Step 3: Execute an Action via the API

With your partner key and actions set up, you’re ready for action.

To run an action, you need to execute a command like the one below, filling in the instructions and any optional hint parameters.

curl -v \
-d '{"instructions": "grab the latest email from bryan helmig"}' \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-X POST ''
One more example, this time requesting a preview of the action:
  "action_used": "Gmail: Send Email",
  "result": null,
  "status": "error",
  "error": "Error from app: Required field 'subject' (subject) is missing. Required field 'Body' (body) is missing."